Shocking first response! 26 Artists signup for Boardwalk exhibit Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Twenty-six (26) artists have signed on for the Site Hoarding Art Exhibit Hastings ‘Colours of Barbados’ on the Richard Haynes Boardwalk and they have submitted 56 pieces to date.

This is according to the Organiser Mark Hiorns.

Speaking with Loop News tonight, he revealed that the response to the flyer shocked him.

It was supposed to happen in two phases with the first phase hopefully gathering at least 20 pieces of work, but to have received almost tripled that number was an unexpected by welcomed surprise.

Hiorns said that some of the works are originals, while others are prints. He explained that because many artists are busy at this time of year, they opted to utilise prints and that was accepted.

All of the artists that have taken part in this appreciate it very much.

The exhibit is to run for the one and a half year-period distracting from the constriction site behind the hoarding.

Clearing the air on how some interpreted the flyer promoting the exhibit, he said, “This is an opportunity for artists to promote their work and they don’t have to pay hanging fees, they don’t pay commissions to anybody. If their work sells, they get paid. It’s like an art exhibition or art gallery, but there are no hanging fees, no other commissions involved…

“They are not being asked to pay to display. They are being offered a free space for their art and they provide the art at their own expense.”

As it pertains to the board, he said that artists could provide the board themselves but he offered to provide the board “to get the ball rolling”. In fact, he said most opted to provide their own board. “There are no fees to pay or any sort, whatsoever, so the artists have been asked to provide a smaller board which goes alongside the four-foot board which has their information on it and how to contact them and QR code, emails, whatever they want to put there. So that if anybody wants to contact the artist, and say I quite would like something like this to take home to England but I need it to fit in my suitcase. Can you give me a smaller one? They would so and they would get a sale. Or they can sell the four-foot board as well, and they can produce another one… So if they sell one they could sell another.”

How many people really go into art galleries?

Further, he disclosed, “All of the artists that have taken part in this appreciate it very much. It’s not belittling their art. It is open to a wide variety of people and they know it.”

Hiorns is voluntarily executing this venture because “my aim is to do two things, one is to cover up an eyesore… construction site because it occupies a large area of the Boardwalk which many people are using, locals and visitors alike. So why not give them something good to look at that would take their minds away from what’s going on behind it. They may take photographs and send them to their home countries which will promote the artists in a way that the artists never really had before. How many people really go into art galleries? A few do, but a lot of the people who are walking on the boardwalk are people who may not go and they will see this stuff and think ‘Wow, I’d like to have one of these!’

“So it’s really about two things – promoting the artists and those who have taken part are very aware and also to cover up an ugly side hoarding that’s going to be there for a long time.”

He also shared that on the plus side, “It’s minimal cost for a year and a half of advertising… I think this is going to be a wonderful experience for everybody. Everybody who is coming [to the opening next week] all understands what they are doing there.”

Hiorns said that the hoteliers behind the Hotel Indigo were very interested in the suggestion when he proposed it because it is “a very positive win-win”, and he’s sorry to hear about the negative misunderstanding or interpretation of some. He added that on making contact with him, interested persons would have had the opportunity to glean more information pertaining to the exhibit and it’s positive purpose.