St. Kitts and Nevis Represented At Joint Meeting At OAS For International Women’s Day..

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The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 13, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom): St. Kitts and Nevis was among the countries present when the Permanent Council and the Inter-American Council for Integral Development of the of the Organization of American States (OAS) hosted a joint meeting on Wednesday, in the Hall of the Americas at OAS headquarters in Washington, D.C to commemorate International Women’s Day.

The federation was represented at the meeting by Interim Representative of St.Kitts and Nevis to the OAS Sonia Boddie- Thompson who addressed the gathering.

She outlined the link between the International Women’s Day theme and the joint meeting’s theme “Gender Equality in Climate Action in the Americas”.

“The delegation of St. Kitts and Nevis is pleased to join with the OAS and the international community in recognizing and showcasing the work of women in our united fights against climate change,” she said. “This year’s global theme for International Women’s Day, “DigitAll Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” underscores the importance of gender and technology in climate action for a secure and climate proof future. Climate Action for the Caribbean small island developing States requires a multisectoral and multidimensional approach to effectively address its unprecedented challenges. The high level of risk we face and the increasing vulnerability of key economic sectors, livelihoods and environmental spaces similarly require concerted action and a clear determination to be inclusive of the unique voices in the most vulnerable spaces.”

Mrs. Boddie- Thompson said any action to address the climate crisis should require gender equality to respond to a situation that affects women and girls.

She highlighted some of the work being done in St. Kitts and Nevis to include women and girls in disaster management.

“St Kitts and Nevis is pleased to highlight that since 2013, our National Disaster plan was designed with a climate, gender and child sensitive responsive approach to disaster risk reduction. The plan notes that gender perspectives should be mainstreamed in all disaster management activities and this approach should include hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment, disaster management legislation and policies, disaster management response plans and programs, public education and awareness strategies and campaigns.”