Teejay Calls Valiant and Romeich ‘Hypocrite’ and Previews Diss Track

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Teejay and Valiant take a dig at each other after the Uptop Boss previews a new song seemingly taking aim at the Diplomats deejay. Romeich Major also caught a few strays in the crossfire.

Valiant says he’s not taking the bait set out by Teejay after he seemingly responded to his “Beer & Salt” song released three months ago.

Teejay has been stirring the ant’s nest since last week, and some fans have accused him of “walking and looking for trouble.” Earlier this week, he took shots at fellow dancehall artiste Popcaan, calling him a “gatekeeper” and insinuating that he was a rapper groupie.

It never worked, though, as the “Relevant” artiste ignored him, and his sister Unruly Squid scornfully said they are not engaging with Teejay, who might be trying to beef to promote his upcoming EP.

On Thursday, he released a track on his Instagram account that seemingly took shots at Valiant.

“A who say them badda dan we? Dem nah no rifle chargie/ not even got no Barbie, a talkie the bwoy dem a gwan wid,” Teejay’s track said.

In the comments, his followers immediately named Valiant as the target. “Never see them wid a Barbie not even inna di video,” one fan wrote. Another said, “Man use Valiant flow n dis him.”

Teejay also followed up the song with an Instagram story. “Mi a the real chippy. Everybody else a carbon copy,” he said.

Valiant also responded by pouring cold water on Teejay’s hopes for a clash and gave his reason for not engaging with the “Drift” artiste. “Menaah give you no strength for your Ep, sir,” Valiant wrote. “Go work and promote it,” he added with laughing emojis.

Teejay also responded in the comments section, seemingly drawing Valiant’s “boss” into it.

“Send mi a send you a road youth[.] Mi a the Bigga atist[.] Mi sure bout that you a hypocrite and your boss,” he commented.

Fans also named Romeich Major as the one Teejay is talking about as they tagged him and urged, “Oonu, come square this off deh.”

Romeich Major has not responded.

Teejay was previously signed to Romeich Entertainment but reportedly left the camp after claiming that he felt Romeich was holding back his career in favor of promoting labelmate Shenseea.

In the meantime, it seems that Teejay and Valiant’s rift might be due to the “Dunce Cheque” artist seemingly taking shots at him in his song “Beer & Salt,” released in October. In the song, Valiant appeared to take a side in Teejay and DJ Mac’s beef over claims that the latter owned the hit song “Drift.”

“A Mac dem a link when them cya find a hit song,” Valiant had said then.

Teejay did not respond immediately. The Mobay artiste is preparing to release his debut EP I am Chippy under Warner Records on February 2, 2024.