Teejay Take Shots At Byron Messia In New Diss Track “Warning”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Teejay stepped forward to address the beef between him and St. Kitts artiste Byron Messia, whom he took shots at in his new diss track “Warning,” released on Sunday (October 1). Urban Islandz exclusively reported on Friday that the Montego Bay singjay is ready for an all out lyrical war with Messia.

There have been talks about the two artists feuding after Messia recently hurled insults at Teejay and Sumfest. The genesis of the feud between them remains unclear, but some fans have continued to fan the flames as they debate whether Teejay’s “Drift” is bigger than Bryon’s “Talibans.”

Responding in a diss track, Teejay challenged Byron Messia lyrically, noting that he will not react by typing back a response on the internet.

“Mi not even want no oman ah tell me nuttn dawg, and mi deven nah address nothing pon no internet, yuh zimmi cau you can’t big and gone bad, yuh affi born bad,” Teejay begins in the song.

Although he doesn’t name Byron in the song, Teejay does name-drop a few things which point at Byron, including the “Talibans,” artist reference to Saddam used in his song, and the pendant he wears glorifying him.

“If you know what me know, Portmore head a float pan the shore. Send a rifle…any p**sy weh wrap up head ah fi like him ah Saddam, put the matik ah yuh head and make suppen go so raddam, bright and feisty…” Teejay says.

Teejay also seems to take a jab at Trinibad music, which Byron aligns himself with. The Eastern Caribbean artiste, born in Jamaica but taken as a baby and raised in St. Kitts, has often credited his rise to Trinibad artistes like Prince Swanny, who brought him around their fan base and helped launch his career. However, it was Jamaican dancehall fans locally and in the diaspora who helped to push his music internationally as they gravitated to the catchy lyrics of “Talibans.”

“How the p***sy dem a lip talk so, Trinibad/ Ah bare rifleman mi lift up and step pan you, Tell ah pu**sy fi run-up in yah, a bare gunshot fi buss up in yah, How dem a make talk so/ Unnu not that bad/ long 6 mi clap and I’m not batsman,” Teejay added.

The gritty track also mentions Byron’s producer – “Unnu anuh Ztekk, something ago sting you p***sy/anuh bees nest.” The song itself speaks about lyrical violence being unleashed on Byron. The 3:03 song hits hard as Teejay delivers both lyrics and melody.

In the meantime, Byron has not reacted to Teejay’s diss track. An old video from his September 21, 2023, performance at S.O.B in New York City is being circulated where he shouted out Teejay and his song “Drift.”

During the performance, he shared with fans his three (3) top dancehall songs, including “V6” by Malie Donn, “Mad Out” by Valiant, and, surprisingly, “Drift.” The artiste is seen bopping his head and dancing as the track comes on.

Byron’s issue with Teejay adds to his remarks that he had the best dancehall song since 2005, causing a major falling out among his Jamaican fan base.