Teejay Takes Aim At Valiant, DJ Mac and Romeich In New Diss Song

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Teejay has issued the war cry, and he’s gotten the endorsement of Vybz as he rings out a new diss track that targets Romeich Major, Valiant, and DJ Mac.

The track released on Thursday night aims at Major, with whom Teejay has been at odds since his unceremonious departure from the Romeich Entertainment camp three years ago.

Major has never addressed his beef with Teejay, but the “Rags to Riches” artiste has spoken about the awful state of his career when Solid Agency’s Sharon Burke financially rescued him. According to Teejay in his latest Let’s Be Honest podcast, he did not own his masters and had accrued much debt to many producers for songs he made.

Teejay is in a better place with his Warner Music contract, but that doesn’t mean he is ready to let go of his issues with Romeich and DJ Mac over the ownership of “Drift,” which launched his international career.

Teejay took shots at Valiant earlier in the day, but the artiste replied that he was not paying him mind because he was starting a beef to promote his EP. All three figures caught shots from Teejay’s diss track preview, which sampled Vybz Kartel’s Drumline Riddim, which he used in his famous clash with the Gully Gad Mavado.

“A “Drift” start all a dis… matter of fact, mi go tell the truth too. Frog face bombohole bwoy ah wah do unnu. Could somebody please warn s*ck p*ssy Valiant, you and yu selecta friend just a copy man/ don’t diss Teejay likkle yute mi wi shot the hat off yuh head weh you kotch e pan,” the “Uptop Boss” artiste deejays.

He also took shots at Romeich.

“Tell dem Chippy dem a action movie/ p***y dem a comedy, show like Jackie Chan/ two gunman pull up inna the Allion, rifle a wave and a wave… me wi make shot graze him, don’t diss man a Bay or from Grange Hill/ the two policeman weh you a par wid and the fat boy manager cannot save him.”

In the meantime, it seems that Vybz Kartel also endorsed the diss track. In the comments, he wrote, “BOMBOxxxT WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!”

Teejay also replied, “teejay.uptopboss @vybzkartel you a mi teacher just know that mi fada road soon.”

Rvssian also commented, “He said Drift start all of this..thank God it wasn’t me a get blame.”