Tems Offers ATL Jacob $1 Million Over ‘Lies’ About Future & Drake ‘Wait For U’ Sample

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Tems said ATL Jacob is fibbing about Drake phoning her personally just to get her to approve the “Wait For U” sample.

Recently, producer ATL Jacob, who worked on the hit song “Wait For U” by Future featuring Drake and Tems, told an interesting tale about the Nigerian singer during an interview with The Baller Alert Show. A snippet from the interview is circulating online in which the producer claims that Tems refused to clear the song and Future had to call in reinforcements of the Drake persuasion.

According to ATL Jacob, Tems first heard the song with Future on both verses and when they needed her to clear the sample of her song “High,” the answer was a straight no. “At this time, Future’s vocals on it, he’s on both verses,” the producer explained. “We’re trying to get it cleared [and] Tems wouldn’t clear the song. They just completely said no.”

That was until Future asked Drake to make the request himself, the producer alleged. “[So] Future pulled in his relationship with Drake and he was like, ‘Can you get the song cleared?’” he claimed. However, Tems commented on a Tik-Tok video of the clip that has been floating around, and she found the claims laughable, calling them a “big lie” and denying even knowing Drake was a guest star on the song.

“This is a BIG LIE. I didn’t even know Drake was on the song,” Tems wrote, adding a trail of laughing emojis at the end. The Grammy-winning song was released in May 2022 and peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It has since been certified 3x Platinum and picked up the 2022 American Music Award for Favorite Song, the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collaboration, and earned the Grammy for Best Melodic Rap Performance the following year. The music video for the track currently boasts over 86 million views.

The song evidently already has all the clout, so fans are both bemused and amused by the revelation that ATL Jacob apparently exaggerated the whole sample-clearing story. When asked during the interview if he has spoken to Tems since the producer mentioned that they spoke at the Grammys, Jacob further belabored his point by adding that he thought she was “irritated” by the song.

“I talked to her at the Grammys. Like personally, I feel like she was a little irritated with the ‘Wait For U’ song,” he opined. “I told her like, ‘You ain’t got to thank me, nothing…’ I just want to work.”

Tems responds on Twitter calling the story a lie and even offered the producer $1 million for the truth. “Its not about saying anything negative STOP TELLING LIES. I’ll give you 1 million,” she wrote.

What do you think about ATL Jacob’s take on how “Wait For U” went down and Tems’ flat-out denial of his story?