Ten Jamaica Parishes Affected By Severe Flooding


Flooding in Clarendon, Jamaica. (Twitter image)

News Americas, KINGSTON, JA, Weds. May 17, 2017: Heavy rain fall has brought severe flooding to some 78 percent of Jamaica, West Indies Tuesday. Here are several areas in the 10 parishes that have seen significant flooding because of Monday night to Tuesday morning’s flash flooding:

1: St. Catherine

Several areas in the parish of St. Catherine have been flooded including: sections of Portmore, Linstead, Dover Gully, Rio Cobre, Sunnyside, St. John’s Street, Spanish Town; Bog Walk George, Dunbeholden Road, section of Church Pen.

2: St. Andrew & Kingston

Spanish Town Road in St. Andrew in the vicinity of Six Miles to Three Miles, Marcus Garvey Drive east and west, sections of Windward Road, sections of Maxfield Avenue, Harbour Street, sections of Deanery Road, sections of Mountain View Avenue, sections of Michael Manley Boulevard heading towards the Norman Manley Airport, Camp Road and South Camp Road intersections and Harbour View in the vicinity of St. Benedicts Primary School.


Flooding in a section of Clarendon, Jamaica. (Twitter image)

3: Clarendon

Areas including Douglas Castle; Two Bridges in Franklin, Dam Head Bridge in Green River

4: St. Elizabeth


5: Manchester


6:  St. Ann

Aenon Town and Cave Valley.


Flooding in Linstead, St. Catherine. (Twitter image)

7:  St. Mary

Junction,  Port Maria and Castleton.

8: Portland

Many areas in Eastern Portland, Bybrook and Lamy

9: Westmoreland


10: St. Thomas

Danver’s Pen


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