#TravelTuesday: Comedian TravQue taps into his J’can roots Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

On a recent visit to The Rock, Comedian TravQue, who is the star of BET’s romantic comedy Swag Inc, decided to tap into his “Jamaican roots”.

No, he’s not Jamaican. But, the American-born actor/comedian Travis “TravQue” Thompson, was raised in Jamaica.

When he was two years old, Thompson’s mother sent him to live in Jamaica, in hopes that the Caribbean influence and culture would instil lifelong principles and values in him.

Actor/Comedian Travis “TravQue” Thompson puts on his best “Jamaican Rude Bwoy” impersonation in a new skit. (Video: via Instagram/@travque)

Well, one of those influences – that of a prankster, no less – was re-enacted by the entertainer in a skit he released yesterday that was shared on Instagram via Reels.

In the clip, TravQue played a “Rude Bwoy in Jamaica”. Quite the clich?, some may say, but, for the unassuming strangers he pranked in the vid, it was quite bizarre.

From the beach to the streets, with this Jamaican male impersonation, TravQue proves no one is off limits.

Jumping over walls and walking by passersby, Thompson stays in character while presenting a threatening, err, belligerent, persona, to the point where one picks up a stone and throws it in his direction.

The internet is having a field day with this one. Over a million users have viewed it, and over 69k have liked and commented on the Reel, it’s also been re-shared to several local media pages.

TravQue is now best known for his sensational videos on social media that have gone viral numerous times across platforms – some of which have reached over 100 million views. He also starred in the BET original film, Swag Inc.