United States, Cuba resume migration talks

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service
US and Cuban flags side by side in Havana, Cuba

The United States Department of State says the Biden administration has resumed talks in Washington with Cuban officials on the implementation of the US-Cuba Migration Accords.

“This bilateral discussion reflects a commitment by both countries to regularly review the implementation of the Accords,” said the State Department in a statement.

It said the Department of Homeland Security’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere David Cloe led the US interagency delegation, and Cuba’s Vice Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cossio led the Cuban delegation.

“These migration talks provide an opportunity for discussions on mutual implementation of the Migration Accords, comprising a series of bilateral agreements between the United States and Cuba completed in 1984, 1994, 1995 and 2017,” the State Department said.

“The US delegation highlighted areas of successful cooperation on migration, while also identifying issues that have been obstacles to fulfilling the goals of the Accords,” it added. “Engaging in these talks underscores our commitment to pursuing constructive discussions with Cuba where appropriate to advance US interests.

“Ensuring safe, orderly, humane and regular migration between Cuba and the United States remains a mutual interest of both countries, and is consistent with US interests in fostering family reunification and promoting greater respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cuba,” the State Department continued.

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