Update: Barbados Mom Gets Good News


CaribWorldNews, ATLANTA, GA, Fri. Aug. 27, 4:30 P.M.: A Barbados mother who was facing separation from her cancer stricken child has been given some good news – she can now stay.

In response to the news that she would have to leave the U.S. on September 2, the day her 6 month old visitor`s visa was up, Petra Gooding says her immigration attorney got a call Friday morning from the U.S.C.I.S. earlier today advising that they are working on extending her visa to allow her to stay in the country until November.

Gooding is in Atlanta because her 7-year old daughter Niamh Stoute is undergoing treatment at the Children`s Healthcare of Atlanta for a stage four neuroblastoma.

The mother and daughter have been in the United States for nine months, since doctors in Barbados discovered the girl had a huge tumor in her abdomen.

The family decided to come to Atlanta because the hospital offers cutting edge treatment they couldn`t get for Niamh at home.

Gooding says she will reapply again for an extension in November because Niamh`s treatment could take 18 months.


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