Valiant Turned Down Feature On Teejay’s EP, Drops Diss Track ‘Timoya’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Valiant says Teejay is beefing with him over his refusal to be a feature on his upcoming I Am Chippy EP, as he also replied with his own diss track that takes a shot at the artiste’s manager Sharon Burke.

Earlier in the night, Teejay released a diss track targeting Valiant, his manager Romeich Major, and his friend DJ Mac. However, Valiant needed to give the artiste more time to promote the diss track as he came with a gritty response within four hours.

The song made on the same riddim featured a voice note of a woman talking about Teejay and his friends before Valiant chimed in. “You know how long mi want the ba***boy start the war and stop the bawl bawling pon the b*mbocl**t media. Dons for real p***y,” Valiant says.

“Da bwoy can beg out, memba yuh friend dem dead out, no killa round you rozay him a send out/ mi know where the GLE park where you hang out/ the 12 gauge make big 12 X spread out/ you nuh stop call from me hat kotch/ make Babsy [Grange] give Sharon [Burke] one hot box/ Mac weh the file fi gi him…” Valiant sings in his best militant voice over the DrumLine Riddim.

“Ah wha do b*attyboy Timoya, we nuh fraid fi fire/ ketch yuh face pon a p*ssy have a picture ah yuh/ you coulda Drift likkle more but me richer than yuh/ and yuh no bad, a clown face me see pan yuh/ mi nah spare nothing, a bare duppy…him vex for a EP feature that’s why him a do bare cussing,” Valiant deejayed.

“TIMOYA!!” Valiant captioned the diss track. In an Instagram Story, he wrote, “wah do b*ttyboy TIMOYA. Flapcamp,” while adding in another, “no cussing no female style Timoya sing song p*ssy.”

Teejay also responded on Instagram by posting a screenshot of a news article about Valiant, which comprises his government name, Raheem Bowes. “A bad man name Jones look at your last name [laughing emoji] bow,” he wrote.

via Teejay IG

Fans have been reacting to the clash even well after midnight into early Friday morning. “Me say !!! The last year start nice so was 2020. I’m actually kinda scared,” one fan commented on Instagram. “Teejay a nuh tracing war this enuh…a lyrical war and we done know the 2 a uno a warrrr machine ….war month…dancehall nice again,” another said. “For a bigman you always beefing with somebody,” another fan told Teejay.

As for Valiant, here’s what his fans had to say about his track. “Sound like Movado,” one fan wrote. “She ago wake up a bawl pan har live a morning,” another said.

“Bumboclattttt di dawg sound like gully gad,” one fan said while another added, “We nuh rate nthg weh go against eh lawd kill dat valiant.”

Teejay has yet to drop his complete diss track, and at the time of this publication, he has not yet responded to Valiant’s response track.