WPP doctors perform two new surgeries in SVG

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Two new surgeries were performed in St Vincent and the Grenadines by doctors from the World Pediatric Project (WPP).

Program Director of the WPP Sigmund Wiggins told NBC news that Dr Jeff Lukish a pediatric general surgeon was able to perform a pectus excavatum on two brothers from St Lucia.

A pectus excavatum is when the ribs and the breastbone (sternum) grow inward and form a dent in the chest. This gives the chest a concave (caved-in) appearance, which is why the condition is also called funnel chest or sunken chest.


Wiggins noted that work on the WPP 2024 calendar year begun on the 13th with their general surgery mission.

He noted that there is an estimated 16 surgeries to be completed by the end of the week.


Additionally, The World Pediatric Project has a wide scope of mission planned for the 2024 calendar.

And in 2024, the WPP is adding new component to their ophthalmology mission.

Program Director for the WPP Sigmund Wiggins explained that for the WPP ophthalmology mission will have oculoplastic surgery.



Wiggins said that they are looking forward to having more patients added to the ophthalmology and the plastics list, as well as all the upcoming missions.