Young Guru Disputes Dame Dash Claims Jay-Z Stole Music From Rappers

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Young Guru is calling cap on Dame Dash’s claims that Jay-Z had a tendency to steal music from his artists.

Dame Dash has been on a roll lately talking about Jay-Z’s practices with his artists back in the day. The music executive and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records has gone unchecked until now as record producer and audio engineer Young Guru has come out to rubbish his recent claims about Jay-Z “extorting” his artists’ music.

Previously, during an appearance on The Guads Show, Dash made some bold allegations about Jay, as he accused the former Roc-A-Fella Records President of stealing music from artists like Omillio Sparks and Ja Rule.

“Jay had a pattern of jacking n***as records,” said Dame during the recent interview. “Jay has a [track] record of getting on a record after it gets hot and now he can perform that record and now it sounds like he made that record — that was his model … That’s f**ked up to the person that [made the song].”

“Ja Rule’s record ‘Can I Get A…,’ that was Ja Rule’s record. ‘I’m a hustler, baby! ‘[‘I Just Wanna Love U’], that was [Omillio] Sparks’ record. That’s the only reason why Sparks is on there, ’cause it was his record. So he does this thing where he says it’s your record, I’ll jump on and now it’s my record. It’s almost extortion.”

Following the interview on The Guads Show being published, Jay-Z’s longtime engineer, Young Guru, took to X, formerly Twitter, to denounce Dash’s claims. “CAP on this narrative that jay STEALS songs,” Guru wrote. “1. Jay got ‘I just want to love you’ directly from Pharrell and made the song from scratch. Sparks says a Rick James hook.”

He continued, “2. ‘Can I get’ was Irv’s idea, literally said ‘Jay get on this record but please keep JA.’ I love you OG but nah.”

Guru went on to address claims that Jay-Z stole Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up” as well. In a follow-up post, he wrote, “And while we are here, ‘Pump it Up’ was for a mixtape. That is what a mixtape was at the time. Rap over the hottest beats out. Everyone did that for mixtapes.”

Jay-Z took shots at Budden in a freestyle he spits over the “Pump It Up” instrumental back in 2003 for his The S. Carter Collection mixtape. It was reported that the rapper had turned down the beat at first and then quoted Budden $250,000 to appear on the official remix, which never came to fruition.

Joe Budden replied to the tweet himself, joking about Young Guru taking it upon himself to vehemently shut down Dash’s claims. In his response, he wrote, “lol Guru had enough [crying face emoji].”

While Dame Dash has claimed that he is open to ending his longtime beef with Jay-Z, his recent allegation about the rapper seems to tell a different story. During another interview on The CEO Show, he said that the rapper had people around him that he didn’t agree with morally and that dismissing them might give them a chance to rekindle their friendship.

“There’s things — and I don’t want to get into it — that morally I can’t be a part of,” Dash explained at the time. “But if [JAY] could just shed all the things that I don’t like morally, and all the people who have done things and are doing things that morally I can’t fuck with, [then] we could f**k with just family.”

Jay-Z has not acknowledged or responded to any of Dash’s claims or his conditions for an olive branch.