Populus Successfully Delivers the National Health Information System for the Government of Barbados On Time and On Budget


FREDERICTON, New Brunswick, Feb. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Populus Global Solutions Inc., a New Brunswick, Canada-based company, is pleased to report that the Government of Barbados has launched its new National Health Information System using the Populus technology.

“In an instant, an individual’s medical history, latest blood test and investigations like X-rays, can be seen by attending physicians and assessed, thereby reducing duplication of effort and creating a more efficient and timely system,” the Honourable John Boyce, Minister of Health for Barbados, said in a statement, “the system has the potential to reduce inefficiencies including doctor shopping, out-of-stock drugs and medical supplies and lengthy waiting times for patient care. The seamless movement of information in a secure interface allows for faster decision-making and improved record keeping.”

The MedData System, as it is called in Barbados, gives doctors, nurses and other authorized medical personnel in the public health system easy access to the medical data of patients. All district hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and polyclinics will have the system in operation by the end of March 2016. The Minister also envisions private sector doctors interfacing with the system in the near future.

“The entire system was implemented in less than 10 months, on-time and on-budget,” says Tristan Rutter, CEO of Populus Global “the total project cost was US$1.7 million and was financed with the support of the World Bank who recognizes Populus as a global leader in health information systems.”

The Populus system provides a single electronic medical record for every Barbadian that is in the public health network. The Populus system electronically ties together all of the doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in the island nation. It provides an electronic prescription network, an inventory control module, maternal newborn child health, public health, and disease management (chronic and infectious) with a longitudinal patient record while providing the Health Department with comprehensive management data.

“Better patient care at lower costs is our mission,” says Rutter, “the Populus team was able to successfully implement the National Health System for Barbados on such a tight schedule and at the contracted costs because of our experience in running the national health system for the country of Belize as well as others.”

The Populus system was first implemented for the National Health System of Belize in 2007. The Populus health system is constantly upgraded and currently manages some one million transactions every day through a seamless and secure interface that allows for faster decision making, improved record keeping and better patient care. The integrated product was described as the most comprehensive in the world by a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation report.”

Major accomplishments for the project are: a governance structure has been established and is operational; capacity building, training, subject matter expert engagement has been strong; workflow studies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) creation; software configuration delivery and acceptance; installation on production hardware; the training of end users in the utilization of software; and imported multiple years of legacy and health data to facilitate a smooth transition for both patients and providers. The software is in use.

About Populus Global Solutions: Populus is a Fredericton based company. After three decades of relentless process improvement, visionary health sector reform, and delivering four of the world’s six fully integrated national Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), Populus technology is now universally recognized as a pillar of reform in healthcare information systems the world over.

Tristan Rutter, CEO, Telephone: 506.452.9780 ext 225, [email protected], www.populusgs.com