Rvssian Confirms He Produced Song For Rihanna’s Dancehall Album

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rvssian reignited chatter around Rihanna’s long-awaited dancehall album after confirming he had produced a track for the project.

The Rich Immigrant head is currently one of the biggest producers in dancehall and Latin music, but he also works with rappers and pop stars, producing some big records. In case you’ve been seeing Rvssian a lot in the headlines lately, it’s because of the ruckus he caused in dancehall with his hot new Dutty Money Riddim. Every artist in the space has been trying to get on the beat, resulting in hundreds of songs submitted to the producer, who ended up having to reject the vast majority.

During his recent interview with Jaii Frai, Rvssian confirmed the years-old rumor that Rihanna is working on a new album that is primarily dancehall music.

“I have a confirmed song on it, like they paid me fi it already,” Rvssian said. “Paperwork done and everything, but we can’t go force her to do music. I’m one of Rihanna’s biggest fans. Me love her music, but she a study her life, her pickney [children] dem, her man. She’s a billionaire without music… Music stressful enuh, so, mi can’t blame her.”

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna / Instagram

Rvssian didn’t share any additional details about the album, but his statement was enough to ignite chatter among Rihanna fans who are eager to get new music from her. Urban Islandz was one of the first media outlets to report on the album in 2018. The Bajan pop star hinted at the project in the years after that, but life and business got in the way, and the project was shelved.

The singer/entrepreneur is now a mother of two and is rumored to be married to A$AP Rocky, although neither of them have ever confirmed or denied the rumors. These days, the billionaire mogul is more focused on raising her two sons and building her business empire than music, but that doesn’t mean she has turned her back on her craft.

Last year, Rihanna hinted that she has a new album coming sometime this year and a possible world tour right after. She also cautioned fans that the music might not be the same since she is recording as a different person now, a mother of two.

Last weekend, Rihanna stepped out in Paris looking stunning with A$AP Rocky as they attended the Yellow Pieces Gala and concert. She was also spotted cheering on her boyfriend as he performed one of his new singles.