Calypso Tent Season begins next week

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Upstage Xperience Calypso Tent preliminary judging in motion at the Russell’s Auditorium in 2022. Photo: Vincymas.

The Upstage Xperience Tent will officially launch its Calypso Tent season next week Wednesday at the Russell’s Auditorium.

So says Tent leader, Shaunelle McKenzie as she outlined plans for this year’s season, at a Media conference on Tuesday.

Meanwhile … Leader of the On Tour Calypso Tent, Elvis Abijah Abbey says the Tent will host three shows featuring an 18-member cast.

Leader of the Graduates Calypso Tent, Glenroy Delplesche says the tent is gearing up for a great season this year.

And … the Dynamites Calypso Tent in New York will be the first to face the judges according to representative, Marvo Obrien-Morgan.