Drake and His Son Adonis Did Their First Interview Together

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Drake and Adonis Graham had their first on-camera interview, and it’s quite interesting as the little one gushes about his father while Drake also shares how fatherhood has changed his life.

The moment Drake became a father was during his infamous beef with Pusha T, but it wasn’t what fans expected, and it certainly didn’t appear to be what Drake wanted as the Def Jam artist revealed that Drake had allegedly hidden his child that he had with an adult film star from the world.

Over the years, Drake has shown bits and pieces of his son, whose personality mirrors his father’s a lot. Adonis Graham certainly seems to be into sports like his father, and we’ll have to wait and see about his musical inclinations, but for now, he seems to be quite the storyteller.

In “Sundae Conversation” with Barstool Sports host Caleb Pressley, Adonis is being interviewed, and he has some hilarious responses to some grown-up questions. “What does that mean,” Adonis asks when Caleb announces that he is “Drizzy Drake’s son.”

The scene cuts to another one where Adonis discusses his fans. “There’s a lot of fans of me that are really nice to me,” he says, and when questioned, he answers, “they say I like you because you’re being nice to me.”

Adonis also smiles as Caleb presses him about being mean to fans. The youngster turns away and smiles as he answers. The conversation, however, takes a confusing turn as Adonis talks about fans fighting him.

“No never,” Adonis laughs when Caleb asks if he would punch his opponent by the nuts.

Adonis also says he can’t read but says, “there’s a him that can read, his name is Kyle,” when asked.

“Do you think if you have a better day you’d be able to read?” Adonis is asked, and he has the sweetest reply, “This is my better dad,” he says, looking at his father.

“Yeah, that’s a funny dad, also he does a lot of jokes,” Adonis answers when asked if Drake did a better job at home, he’d be able to read.

At the end of the interview, Drake is also asked if Adonis “c–kblocks” Drake so he doesn’t have another kid to “split” his inheritance.

The rapper laughs and says, “no not really,” and then goes on to share how his son might be sending him a message.

“Yeah no, he definitely is always like vibing out with me, telling me how great I am like as a father, like a single father, so maybe he is delivering a message.”

Drake is also asked later in the sitdown about the 42 diamonds chain, which he hinted at last year, which symbolizes the many times he thought of proposing.

“It was more just a joke, but obviously people took it pretty literal. I was just trying to have an interesting story,” the Canadian rapper said.

Drake also talked about his preference for boobs being “one of the greatest things that we have on Earth,” and he also explained his use of the word, ‘b*tch’ in his raps.

“I’m proud to say, I don’t really drop the b-word in person,” he said. “I’ve said it in raps a fair share, but I’m not really walking around the streets like, ‘B*tch, b*tch, b*tch.’”

The interview ended on some sweet moments with Drake being asked about his love for gambling big, and when asked about his most rewarding bet, he responded, “Fatherhood.”

“For all the people out there, you can always bet on fatherhood,” said Drake said while the host appeared to mock him.