Linden Hospital to get CT scan machine

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The Linden Hospital

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, today clarified that the Linden Hospital Complex is earmarked for a Computerised Tomography (CT) scan machine.

The Minister, who was responding to a question posed by the Opposition, in the National Assembly, said to date there are three CT scan machines at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, and Bartica and New Amsterdam Hospitals.

Two were donated to Guyana from RAD-AID International in 2016 under the previous Coalition Government, but the equipment were never installed.

The Minister pointed out that it was in 2020, that the CT scan machines were installed at the Bartica and New Amsterdam Hospitals.

The Health Minister explained, “But Linden Hospital, the persons there will be able to access CT scans from Georgetown Hospital [free of cost] once there is a need for it. I must say that over the next three years, the government is committed to, at least, install about 10 different CT machines in different hospitals across the country. Already, we have given out contracts with the new hospitals that we’re building. Included in the new hospitals are imaging equipment such as CT scans.”

Further, Dr Anthony highlighted that three biomedical analysers are at the hospital. A new analyser was installed at there in 2020, “and we installed another one in 2021. There’s a third one that went in this year in September which is now operable.”

In response to the question related to the complement of medical staff at the Linden Hospital Complex, Dr Anthony said there are 16 doctors, 130 registered nurses and 110 nursing assistants.

There are also 13 specialists, two obstetricians/gynecologists, two internal medicine specialists, two pediatricians, two surgeons, two orthopedic surgeons, one anesthesiologist, one intensivist, and one radiologist.

“We also have a visiting urologist that goes twice per week…these specialists are the ones that we have on the ground. I must say that we have a number of Cuban and Chinese specialists. The Cubans come on the brigade and the Chinese specialists who are also on the Chinese brigade… So, I am very certain that they would be at the hospital operating because we have assigned them there,” the Minister added. [DPI]