Maino Says Prank Video Of Him Choking YouTuber Buba100x Was Staged

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

American Rapper Maino showed that he was not one to be played with, as one YouTuber found out.

Maino recently choked the YouTube prankster who took a joke too far during what appeared to be an interview. Maino apparently thought he was being interviewed by the YouTuber named Buba100x, but it seems that the popular YouTuber had other things in mind. The YouTuber, who has 564k followers, was being interviewed when he asked the rapper about his expensive chain and also suggested that he wanted to fight him.

“Can I borrow your chain?” Buba100x is heard asking in the clip. “I can’t borrow your chain? Let me borrow it. Let me put on your chain so I can see how it feels. I wanna see how it feels to have on the chain.”

The old-school rapper appeared taken aback by the question, but he did not act further, only responding, “See, now you just chatting. I gave you a time, now you just chatting.”

The now-viral clip on social media is edited and moves into another snippet which gets serious very quickly as Maina is seen snatching the neck of the short YouTuber, ready to inflict damage on him.

“On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you think I can beat your a$$?” he asks, but he is cut short as the rapper snatches him by the neck.

Maino also ensured Buba knew he meant serious business, “I just told you, it’s not just a stupid video. Don’t play with me.”

Other persons were also shocked at the rapper’s reaction, with one observer exclaiming, “Damn, he’s really choking him!”

Buba100x was previously involved in another incident with another celebrity, Bronx drill rapper Nas EBK whom he pranked. The incident, however, went out of hand, and Nas EBK was charged with terroristic threats and assault.

The rapper is alleged to have whipped out a knife after his hat was snatched. “Walk toward me again and I’ll violate you,” Nas EBK had threatened.

Main speak out about the prank with YouTuber Buba100X

Maino has since addressed the video during his appearance on Angela Yee’s Way Up podcast.

“So what you see is all a part of the prank,” he said. “I wanted to make it look real… Yes, I just wanted to make it look real. It was all for the fans… Just a prank. it was staged.”