Seanizzle Talks Nadg’s ‘We A Run E Grung’ Viral Song & Clearance From Busta Rhymes

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall producer Seanizzle is at the forefront of the first viral moment in the genre this year, that’s Nadg’s song “We A Run E Grung” on Busta Rhymes‘ classic 1997 beat “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

That Busta Rhymes song gave birth to one of the most iconic beats in hip hop’s history, and now dancehall is breathing new life into the song and also breathing life into aspiring artist Nadg’s career. Nadg’s version recently went viral on Tik Tok with fans around the world and even some local celebrities like Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall sharing videos doing the choreography, which includes a mashup of some popular dance moves.

Seanizzle, the producer behind the song, recently sat down with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report, where he opened up about the song and getting clearance from Busta Rhymes and his team. He also shared that a music video is also in the works. Genesis Productions is behind the original song, which began picking up steam in December last year, signaling a full revival of the Busta Beat Riddim from the late 90s.

“We are currently dealing with the clearance. After that done, hottest video deh guh drop,” Nizzle said while admitting that it’s a win-win for both sides, so he is confident clearance will be given. “First of all when I did it I wasn’t thinking about any money. I was thinking of a way to boost the original song. However, this became the song, so whatever they ask for, we are going to give it to them. It’s their intellectual property. And the fact that we used their beat and they see what is going on, we win.”

Seanizzle, real name Sean Reid, is one of the most recognized names in production in dancehall with a number of hit projects produced by him over the years, including 47th Floor Riddim, One Day Riddim, Power House Riddim, and the Split Personality Riddim which saw artists like I-Octane, ZJ Liquid, Khago, Beenie Man, Mavado, and more showing out.

Seanizzle shared that he was inspired by the Busta Beat Riddim released by Shocking Vibes in 1997, which saw around a dozen songs featured on the juggling. Beenie Man, Mad Cobra, Tanto Metro, Snagga Puss, Little Lenny, Little Kirk, and Tanya Stephens were among the featured acts on the project.

“This riddim is in the heart of everybody in Jamaica,” the producer said. “I remember around 10, 11 Shocking vibes recreated the beat as well and put some songs in it and it was well received. And is a riddim dat all the stages of my life, I always hear it coming back. So, I was like ‘this would be a perfect riddim to revamp’.”

With a lot more artists dropping their own remixes, Seanizzle used the opportunity to remind artists that the original format of dancehall, where several artists jump on the same riddim, is still the gold standard.

The “One Day” producer said, “It pass challenge now. We stop call it challenge and call it ‘We a run di Ground.’”

“I would say this to all artiste, do not neglect the original format of how we promote music,” he continues. “Because is not everyday a song trend for you on Tik Tok. Give thanks for Tik Tok; it’s a gateway out, but di next song nuh must get dat success. Suh don’t feel like ‘mi nuh need nobaddy, suh dis is my way’. Still show respect to everybody because that is the original format.”

The song/challenge has received millions of views across Tik Tok and Instagram and shows no signs of slowing down. Seanizzle is now awaiting clearance from Busta Rhymes to push the song further and drop a music video.