SVG Indian Heritage Foundation to commemorate Indian Arrival Day this weekend

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

The 163rd anniversary of the arrival of Indians from India to St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be commemorated on Saturday June 1st.

President of the SVG Indian Heritage Foundation, Junior Bacchus says the Association will be collaborating with the Calder Neighbourhood Watch Committee to host a National Cultural and Educational Rally in Calder on Sunday June 2nd  at 3PM.

The event will be held on the road in Calder named “India Drive.” 

The programme will include:

Addresses from Government Officials; the Calder Neighbourhood Education and Cultural Committee; and President of the Indian Heritage Foundation.

The feature address will be delivered by Historian Dr. Adrian Fraser.

There will also be entertainment and the distribution of Indian food.

Saturday June 1st 2024 will mark the 163rd anniversary of the arrival of 2,474 Indians from India to SVG during the years 1861 to 1880.

For many years the SVGIHF held re-enactments of Indian arrival at Indian Bay, where a boat arrived with persons of Indian descent and friends dressed in Indian wear, were given their certificates of assignment to various estates in the State.

The SVG Indian Heritage Foundation was officially launched on July 20th 2006 at the P’Tani Resort Argyle, where the first formal Executive was elected.