SVG to reap benefits through Canada-CARICOM EDM

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is poised to reap substantial benefits from its partnership with the Government of Canada through the Canada-CARICOM Expert Deployment Mechanism (CCEDM).

According to a release from the Agency for Public Information, a  commitment of $5 million, over four years, has been made by the government of Canada and  support will be offered to target key areas of development, including institutional strengthening, small arms control, and debt management assistance, aiming to enhance the country’s resilience and promote sustainable growth.

The release further states that as St Vincent and the Grenadines seeks to address pressing challenges and advance its socioeconomic goals, the partnership with Canada is poised to play a pivotal role in driving positive change and fostering inclusive growth.

Through this partnership, this country stands to benefit from initiatives in: Strategic and policy development, Institutional Strengthening, operational efficiency, effectiveness and communications. This funding will facilitate governance enhancements and operational improvements, ensuring that these institutions are better equipped to serve the needs of member states effectively.