Balliceaux will not sold unless buyer understands its cultural and historic importance

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Camillo Gonsalves says that no foreign entity would be given any alien landholding license for the development of the island of Balliceaux without taking into account the cultural and historic importance of the island.

Minister Gonsalves was speaking on the second day of the 11th International Garifuna conference this morning on the topic “Balliceaux: Representation of Reparatory Justice for Indigenous People in the Caribbean”

The Finance Minister said that Balliceaux is currently listed for sale online for US $30 million.

The Finance Minister added that government policy will inform the planning department on the types of authorized developments that could take place on Balliceaux.


Minister Gonsalves also stated that no legislation has been passed to encourage development of Balliceaux.

The government has however, to no avail, sought a development plan from the purported owners of the land that would take into account the historical importance of Balliceaux.