Nelly Lusting Over Pregnant Ashanti Thickness: “Them Thighs Be Thigh’in”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Nelly can’t get enough of his pregnant girlfriend Ashanti. The St. Louis rapper was lusting over the R&B princess really hard in a new video shared following their performance last Friday (February 2, 2024) at E11EVEN Miami’s 10th anniversary party.

Ashanti wore an oversized pink Balenciaga T-shirt that seemingly showed her growing baby bump underneath. Nelly joined her on stage to perform “Body On Me.” The couple appears to be in great spirit as they worked the stage. Following their performance, the “Ride With Me” rapper shared a video of them in the SUV.

“Do you see these thighs? She be putting them thangs on you, boy, them thangs. I said, ‘damn, I love you til death do us part,’” he said as he rubbed her legs.

Fans have pointed out that the couple looked happy as ever since rekindling their relationship in 2022 after breaking up for around a decade. Some fans are saying that Nelly has not stopped smiling since getting back with Ashanti, and perhaps it’s true since he always sports a smile every time he is spotted out in public with her.

Nevertheless, Nelly also often gets criticism as some fans continue to have mixed feelings about them rekindling their relationship. “God got Nelly and Ashanti and their bun in the oven Amen,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Nelly old and now want to settle when he should’ve long ago married that beautiful black queen he lame for that.”

“I wasn’t sure she was pregnant- I thought maybe it was just happy weight,” one female wrote. “And maybe it still is but… search her hashtag the 3/4th photo she definitely looks like she’s glowing from growing idk. Either way I love this for her because they smiling and grinning and lighting up rooms.”

Urban Islandz reported in December that Ashanti is pregnant with her first child. Nelly has children from previous relationships. The R&B singer was spotted on stage at the rapper’s 11th Black and White Ball event, rubbing her belly and sending her fans into a frenzy. In 2022, Ashanti shared that she wanted to have kids but, at the time, didn’t think she had found the right partner yet to have children with.

“I’m trying to have kids next year. That’s what I’m trying to do,” the singer said. “I wanna have kids next year! Hopefully homie does the right thing! #fallingforyou.”