Youlou Arts Foundation extends women’s exhibition

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

The Youlou Arts Foundation said it has decided to extend the exhibition, to showcase the work of female Vincentian artists, which was originally scheduled to run for the month of March in celebration of International Women’s Month.

Founder of the Youlou Arts Foundation, Camille Saunders-Musser tells NBC News, the Foundation decided to extend the exhibition because it is important that females across the country receive public support in anything they do, and this encourages their efforts.

Saunders-Musser is encouraging members of the public to support the exhibition as it is important that they showcase the work of the nation’s women to promote positive role models for the nation’s girls.

Saunders-Musser says they expect the exhibition to run until the end of July.

She says it is important that local people support the female artists as this will encourage people outside of the country to also support their work.

The All-female Art Exhibition is taking place at the Yolou Arts Centre located at Villa.