SVG represented at the First Council of Ministers: Youth and Sports in St. Lucia

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Minister with responsibility for Youth Dr Orando Brewster, Parliamentary Secretary Senator Shackell Bobb and Chairman of the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council on Youth Anson Latchman recently attended the First Council of Ministers: Youth and Sports in St Lucia.

Speaking to NBC News, Senator Bobb said that the meeting was held to establish a structure for the council of Ministers which they intend establish in relation to youth and sports.


Senator Bobb said that they were able to listen to presentations from the youth on what they believed would be the areas that would strengthen the corporation and advancement of sports and youth development in the regions.

And, Senator Shackell Bobb says the Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative which is currently in place for the OECS countries was discussed at the recently held meeting.

The Juvenile Justice Reform Project which currently in its second phase places greater emphasis on ensuring that youth in conflict with the law in the Eastern Caribbean were rehabilitated and reintegrated into society.

Senator Bobb pointed out that in SVG there is a bill on the books to be passed in the Parliament that will address youth reform.


Senator Bobb said that SVG has already taken a step forward to create facilities to assist with court mediation.